This is the place where I pour out my mind and my heart. They are not such separate entities anyways. Everybody mentioned here are real people and no, I did not ask them if it was ok. You cannot find them anyways – I am not famous.

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I was born and raised in Istanbul, right after the little turn on the left side of the picture above towards the bridge. You can’t see it. I am a 20 something, living in Berlin for almost two years. I am queer, critically hedonist, kinky, drug and sex-positive and in my own way polyamorous.

I am also perpetually lost. Not because I think we can ever find out who we are but because I like to seek as an act, much like collecting shells from the sea. I value all that I find and I keep the ones that are worth it and that want to stay but I do not stop looking. I am the only entity I can expand.

I am a Romantic with the capital R but I keep that in check by philosophising. I am studying history and anthropology and practicing in my own way some comparative literature and media analysis. I am very academically oriented. I love talking and debating but only if I feel you are worth it. I am strongly opinionated about some issues, less about others but that does not mean I cannot be convinced otherwise. Challenge me.

I love/care about people close to me and I value emotions. Although I seek and find sensations, it is emotions I need the most. However, I really think that you and me mean different things with different emotions. It is not that any of us knows better. We might even agree on a few key points.

If I met Jane Austen, I would probably love her but I don’t think she would be into me.

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